Tombstone Az. Old Timey Photography and Wax Works

Tombstone Az. Old Timey Photography and Wax Works

Mosey On Down the Boards For a Photgraph


The Best Service in Town

 We offer the best choices, the best service and only top quality products!  We use only real photo paper for our pictures, not card stock!  We provide lots of fun to remember, not just a souvenir. 


Tombstone Old Time Photos

 Dress up like an Outlaw or Wyatt Earp. Be a Salon Girl or a Proper Lady. Kids, Babies and your pets can dress up too!  Large groups welcome.  Set up an appointment or walk on in!
Several different vintage style backgrounds to choose from, make your vacation Picture perfect!  Photos printed while you wait or we will hold them for you while you enjoy your the old west adventures in town. 


Wax Works

 Kids, Young and Old can make a wax replica of their hand!  A one of a kind Souvenir.  
We also offer 100% pure Bees Wax candles.  

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We are located on Historic Allen street, Near the Bird Cage Theater

 516 E. Allen Street Tombstone, Az 85638 

Lady L's Creations

PO Box 1581, Tombstone, AZ 85638, us

(520) 457-8415


 Monday - all day 10:00- 6:00

Tuesday - all day 10:00- 6:00

Wednesday- all day 10:00- 6:00

Thursday -all day 10:00- 6:00

Friday - all day 10:00- 6:00

Saturday - all day 10:00- 6:00 

Sunday - all day 10:00- 6:00